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Kavirian is a broad term referring to all the various cultures originating in the Kaviri Highlands and Kavirian Bay. While they are indifferent in the eyes of most outsiders, the ethnicity group is actually a collection of hundreds of different cultures who might not even share a heritage between them. The most prominent of those are the Drisian, Mavisian, Agoraki, Rekirian, Terisi and Ubrikian cultures, who share some resemblance in their Orca related tradition.   In the part, the Saltisian people where also considered as Kavirian, but that view has shifted as the culture became much more similar to that of the Aderians of Lake Kadia.


Culture and cultural heritage

The origins of the Human denizens of the Kaviri Highlands are unknown. The various Kavirian cultures show orcish influence on their societies, such as shamanistic rituals and orcastrated melees. The Kaviric language itself is a very complex tongue derived from both Orcish and Elvish.   Some scholars theorize that the Kavirians arrived to the Highlands as early as 8,000 BC, shortly after the emergence of the Avar on the eastern side of the continent. As for the journey, it is suspected that either a willing migration, or slavery by orcish tribes have brought the humans to the Kaviri Highlands. Elven and High Elven literature mentions early humans in the Northern Forest during those time, but only their passage is known to be recorded, without further details regarding their, willingness, actions or intentions.   The word Kavir itself translates into Aderic as 'land [of] first' and seems to be a distortion of the Elven word 'Tir', meaning 'First' and 'Kavaa', an older orcish term that was also used to refer to other humanoids.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572

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