Kaviric is a distinct dialect independent from the Common Languages it was developed separately as Human migrated to the north, influenced heavily by Orcish in pronunciation and Elvish in structure.

Writing System

Kaviri calture uses a set of core runes for several words and a set of more freely constructed runes that can be joined to form different meanings as long as it is accepted between at least two people.   Influence from trade, especially in the area of Saltis have led to a complex set of runes used for counting and tracking of goods being adopted into the core alphabet.

Geographical Distribution

Kaviric is spoken and written exclusively in the Kingdom of Kavir.


The Kaviric lexicon is a very specific collection of words mostly referring to the Kavir Highlands and they're surroundings. The word Wizard, for example, does not exist in Koviric, which does not distinct between spell casters.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
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