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Aderic is the official crown language of the The Empire of Ader. It is a branch of the Common Languages spoken primarily in the kingdoms of Ader and Navara.

Geographical Distribution

Aderic is spoken and written mostly in the territories under control of the Aderian Empire, with the exception of Kingdom of Kavir, where it is used almost exclusively by crown officials and the nobility, and even then only when the need arise. While most Kavirian speaks Kaviric, the people living in the Principality of Saltis are much more susceptible to Aderian culture and behaviors, thus many of them have transitioned almost completely to Aderic as their native tongue.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572


9 Words.
Root Languages
Successor Languages
Common Phrases
Got one bite of ham and [they] forgot who handles the pigs. - Common saying describing lowborns who abuse their power.


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