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"I didn't had much of a family either, being a dragon and all. It was mostly me and my knight untill he died, I was barely a century old back then and humans just started to form settlements." She sigh. "Times where simpler back then, we descended upon you from the mountains, eat whomever we want, loot what's left and mortals didn't blew up the continent yet, well, at least not for the second time."
Madam V to The Ponderer, 1208
  The Avarians are a group of human ethnics that originate from the eastern parts Edora, mainly around the north parts of the Agaman Bay. They are believed to be the oldest human group to emerge on Edora, and evidance of their culture and beliefs exist within those of their predecessors.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572

Avar Illustration by Karen Carr (Edited)

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