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Endaweaower (roughly translates to "wave of the greatest deeps" in Avaree) is a gigantic ship that sails the Teralic Ocean, sinking ships and other vessels.


In ancient times, when Tehomot bestowed the Agam'an with his patronage, he instructed them how to build the largest ship to ever sail the seas. A thousand men and women crewing it, with sails made of fishing nets and constructed wholly of driftwood, the ship, Endaweaower, would retribute the creatures of Tehomot's realm and take land-dwellers to the deeps.

Historical Basis

The ship itself is very real and its appearances are well documented. However, there is no confirmed explanation of its origin, nor there is any explanation for how is it able to move as fast as it does, both above and under the water. Additionally, most analysis made by scholars, wizards, and craftsmen seems to suggest that advanced ship-building techniques were employed during construction, most of which developed centuries after its first confirmed sighting; most of its magical properties are yet explained, even theoretically.

Cultural Reception

While most members of land dwelling societies have at least heard of the ship, the Agam'an have it deeply intertwined within their culture and traditions.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
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