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Tehomot is the god of oceans, seas, equilibrium and the patron deity of the Agam'an.

Divine Domains

Oceans and the Seas

Far into the ocean, long after the land disappears beyond the horizon, all sailors know that only one god reigns: Tehomot.  


It is only natural that the Agam'ani worship Tehomot, as they are born, live and die at sea. In turn, it seems Tehomot has bestowed the Agam'ani with his patronage, possessing the heart of Endaweaower of Tehomot.


The abyssal depths of the ocean can crush everything made of anything, unless it is carefully constructed with the balance of pressure in mind. The seas are home to a myriad of ecosystems, all governed by a delicate balance of innumerable and seemingly unrelated factors. In ancient times, Tehomot tasked the crew of Endaweaower with the reprisal for the killing of marine life by land-dwelling races.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
The captain of Endaweaower, an Agam'an presumably possessed by Tehomot.
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