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Avarian Worship

Worship of the Avarian Pantheon is a nature orianted form of veneration that is widespread in the eastern and southern parts of Edora. The pantheon is dedicated to a number of minor deities, varing in role, importance and strenght, most of whom are affiliated with the natural world. It is named after the Avar, one of the oldest known human cultures.


Due to the simplicity of most ceremonies and lack of a centralized body, the pantheon also found appeal with many of the Free Folk. Sailors, craftsmens, farmers and more who find organized religions too overbearing, yet still look for a deity to relate with, often find comfort in the Avari Pantheon.


Worship of the Avarian pantheon is mostly done by cultures originated from the Avar, with the most prominent being the Agam'an, Makai, Sala'kir and Shalhar whom customs still heavily resemble those of the old Avarian cultures.   While followers of organized religions will attempts to contact their most powerful gods, followers of the Avarian pantheon are instead encouraged to commune directly with the smallest deity related to their need. For example, sailors would often pay homage and prayer to Ruakh Kadim or Tzaphrir Az for a safe and quick journey, but rarely attempt to contact Raki'a itself unless caught in a dangerous storm.


The Avarian worship relies mostly on private ceremonies and small shamanistic rituals. Some cultures have select representatives that commune with the deities on their behalf, but those also serve important governing or professional roles within their societies. Unlike traditional priests, those religion figures would often serve as their clan's leaders, hunters, navigators and more, receiving their honors and respect not from their titles, but from the actions performed within their roles.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572


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