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Teralic Ocean

The Teralic Ocean is a seemingly endless body of water east of Edora.


Vast ocean and mostly calm ocean, influenced by very strong tides and streams. The ocean streams are so severe, in fact, that they can pull almost any vessel toward the south and west, with only a few stretches leading east and even fewer leading north. This makes the ocean almost impossible to cross. The Agam'an people are known to use these streams to navigate and move their floating communities into trading distance from Agamarian Bay and back to the high seas.


All attempts to cross the Teralic ocean have resulted in failure. While almost every free city on the east coast of Edora have sent exploration teams, only few ships ever returned. Sailors who sailed east tell mostly of small uninhabitable islands but also on night terrors and unimaginable horrors that plagued them during their time sailing eastward or while being stranded on the islands.   According to the nomadic Agam'an lore a huge landmass exist to the east, called Pyagiera, or the Forbidden Edge. While some sailors swear they have seen it, its existence has never been proved by any official exploration team and is regarded as a myth that may refer to several large islands that were already confiremed.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
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The Forbidden Sea
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