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Niut Asmtara (Ny⋅oot As⋅(mt)-ara)

Captain Niut Asmatra

Niut Asmatara is a maha'kan pirate of Estrerran origins; she was the first mate of her merchant ship and lead a mutiny, repurposing her ship for piracy and renaming it The Salafiqa. Though a capable pirate in her own right, she is mostly known for the Morning Glory affair.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Niut was born in the Vexian metropolitan area in 1543. Her early life was uneventful and was similar to that of any other citizen of Estrerra. At the age of 16 she joined an Estrerran merchant ship, The Akiri (Estric for "Smooth Sailer"), captained and later owned by Menkauhor Rigaz. Though noted by all of her tutors as "unremarkable", "mundane" and "mediocre", she proved to be an industrious individual with a commanding presence, and was quickly entrusted with increasingly greater authority, being appointed as Menkauhor's first mate in 1562 when she was only 19. Despite this, when he himself was unavailable to sail, he refused to allow her captain a ship by herself, instead appointing more experienced individuals, who were all less capable than Niut.   In one such voyage in 1565 The Akiri, captained by Obelos Vorasi, was captured by maha'kans led by Casãsh of Cotto, and the crew was presumed to have been killed or taken captive.  

The Morning Glory Affair

The Akiri was encountered a year later by another of Menkauhor's ships, Morning Glory, which he himself captained at the time. Much to his surprise, he saw his former ship being manned by the original crew and captained by Niut; as the ships drew closer however, the now renamed Salafiqa raised its true colors and the merchant ship was quickly boarded.   When Morning Glory returned to port (without its cargo), the crew provided a document written by Niut, accusing Menkauhor of various offenses, both against the Estrerran state and against his crew, many of whom were of abusive nature and aimed at her. The document was provided with incriminating and irrefutable evidence for tax evasion, bribes, and blackmailing, and with a personal request from Niut. Menkauhor was found in the ship's brig, alive and with a bandaged groin, after being emasculated.
I trust you will bring justice upon him as Alakat demands; I know you will bring justice upon me; I ask of you to let me die after being trialed.
The Alakaʻi guides.
— Captain Niut of Cotto
See also: Morning Glory.


Religious Views

Despite Niut's resentment towards Estrerra, her adherence to the teachings of Adil Aries has not faltered, or even waned; she goes to great lengths to avoid harming other Alakat followers, most prominently ordering her ship's Wenfer to carry her voice over to the ship being boarded, while announcing twice that "Aah Alak, nabari nabar, sa'ardi sa'ar" as the crew reveals the ship's true colors.

Social Aptitude

Niut is known to possess a certain charm and a rare sense of humor, and is generally considered to be in good relations with other Cottori. When it became clear that Casãsh boarding The Akiri was inevitable, Obelos ordered the crew to fight to their deaths; tired from years of mistreatment, Niut incapacitated her captain and told her crewmates that she intends to join the shorsh, with the notion accepted by most of the crew; as a proof of her intentions, Casãsh ordered Niut to maroon the crewmates who refused to join. It is currently unknown how many crewmates were marooned, what eventually happened to them, and where it supposedly happened.   In stark contrast to her colleague Tãrvisãri, Niut completely refrains from hurting non-combatants, which she defines similarly to every other Cottori: combatants are those who assault or fight back; those who do not drop their weapons; those who refuse any orders given by combatants; those who prevent entry from combatants to anywhere, or otherwise limit the movement of combatants. However, combatants suffer by her hand almost as badly as they do under The Shark; almost all combatants that fought the Salafiqa took over eight hours to perish after their ship was already stripped of cargo and valuables.  


Niut is known to be strikingly beautiful and attractive, leading to a variety of rumors regarding her sexual exploits, such as combatants dying of exhaustation rather than torture and an alleged affair with Casãsh. Though those rumors have little to do with reality, Niut sees them as free publicity and makes little to no effort addressing them in any way.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
A wanted poster for Niut issued by the Estrerran Navy.
Current Location
Year of Birth
1543 AC 29 Years old
Aligned Organization


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