The Isle of Lantan is a swampy island south east of Lisang. The Kingdom of Lantan used to rule the island until a series of wave washed most of their presence into the Teralic Ocean in 748.


The island is mostly flat, with its highest point reaching only 30 feet above the see level. The gnomes who inhabited the island built high walls to safeguard their lands from the wrath of the ocean, but even those crumbled to into ruins that now dot the island's shores. The mainland that once was an almost completely dried swamp is has reverted to its original condition, a wetland that is almost impossible to traverse.


Although most of the infrastructure and architecture was destroyed by the waves or sunk into the ground, some ruins still remain standing. Some schools regularly send expeditions of Artificers and Wizards to the island, in hope of uncovering lost knowledge and technology.   Treasure hunters and pirates also frequent the island, looking to beat scholars to lost treasure or, failing that, rob them and kidnap them for ransom. In some occasions pirates might even sell hostages to slaver rings that operate around the area of Lisang.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
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