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Leimar Wetlands

The Leimar Wetlands, also known simply as Leimar, is a large swampy area located south east of Lake Kadia and north of the Gold Coast. Formerly known as the plagued marsh, the area was nearly uninhabitable due to a catastrophic series of events that led to an outbreak of Corpus.

Localized Phenomena

Though nowdays Leimar seems to be a an ordinary swamp, the deeper layers of peat within its bogs and fens harbor within them not only the viruses that are believed to cause corpus, but horrifyingly also the partially preserved remains of the disease's very first victims. As such, any sinkholes or deep pools are extremly dangerous to step into, and will more than likely cause the death of any susceptible creature that enters them. Flooding of the wetlends, while a rare occurence, used to be remarkably disruptive to the ecosystem; entire populations of birds, fish, amphibians and some sepient species would fill the marsh with anguished shrieks for weeks, which were followed by months eerie silence. While non-sepient creatures eventually became extinct, small human communities remained; with the flood of 1357 causing only a handful deaths, only one of whom was corpus-related, the kingdom of Ader began resettling the land. The latest flood occured in 1485 and caused no deaths.

Fauna & Flora

With the constant threat of the shrieking death, the wetlands are still disturbingly silent, with nothing but the buzzing of insects for relief. However, many snakes and crocodiles also call Leimar their home.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Alternative Name(s)
The Plagued Marsh, Rosewood Marsh
Wetland / Swamp
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