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Green Dragonborn

The Green Dragonborn, or greenscales, are one of the 8 sub-species of the dragonborn who managed to migrate from Ebbir to Edora. The green dragonborn were the first to suffer the loss of their habitats on Ebbir and their number dwindled considerably even before embarking on the journey to the new world with the rest of the horde. Even after centuries of travel they remain shunned and outcasts from the rest of the dragonborn. When they arrive they feared they'll end with the same fate of the White and bronze dragonborn and left the mountains, suffering even more persecution from the existing inhabitants of the continent. They have spread all across the continent and whatever few tribes and clans left are mostly confined to the jungles of Athos and Lisang or to swampy areas like the Plagued Marsh.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Green Dragonborn by WoTC
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