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White Dragonborn

The White Dragonborn, also known as snowscales, are one of the 8 Dragonborn sub-species who migrated to Edora from Ebbir. They are the most numerous of the chromatic dragonborn to survive the Drakonica Exodia, but did so by slaving themselves to the various Blue and Red Dragonborn clans. They do not have clans of their own and are spread throughout the rest of the chromatic dragonborn clans. White dragonborn who live outside of clans usually do so as outlaws, and survive by robbing or extorting caravans and travelers who travel through the Amadel Mountains.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
White Dragonborn by L3monJuic3
Genetic Ancestor(s)

Cover image: White Dragonborn by Tomasz Chistowski


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