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Silver Dragonborn

The Silver Dragonborn, also known as silverscales, are one of the 8 Dragonborn sub-species who migrated to Edora from Ebbir. Silver dragonborn are few and rare, they do not form their own clans and join others instead. Their social structure revolves around friendship and family more than clan homogeneity. Mostly serving as shamans and priest in Ebbir, they where the first to arrive on the continent, and the first to be able to wield magic, which does not exist on Ebbir. Their affinity to magic have led to them being widely accepted in the Dragon Lands. It is widely believed that non of the silver dragonborn who remained on Ebbir survived.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Silver Dragonborn (Edited) by Yazsh
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