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Corpus, or the The Shrieking Death  , is an extremely viral and dangerous disease, degrading its victims bones and skin until they turn into dust. The last large outbreak decimated the Gold Coast and was partly responsible for the persecution of magic users by the Andorian Church.
While Smaller outbreaks have been reported, they usually happen in remote locations and the local population is decimated before being able to spread the disease to other communities. One concerning incident happened in Sesan in 1050 when an explorer returned from a sealed tomb near the city. The outbreak was so intense an entire district of the city was needed to be closed off and its inhabitants left to die.

Transmission & Vectors

Even being 6 feet away from an ill person, or the remains of a deceased one, for more then a few minutes is enough to infect someone with Corpus.


While at first a victims may appear to be fine, 1 or 2 days after contraction their skin begins to blacken around their hands, this is accompanied with intense pain as the bone marrow start to degrade and waste away, living the bones hollow and brittle. The pain is so intense it may leave the victim unable to do anything but scream, leading the common folk to call the disease the Shrieking Death.


No known treatment exist for Corpus. Some cases report intervention of a Wish spell or some divine intervention on a similar scale may lift the affliction.


After another day or two the bones start to waste away and crumble in such a fast rate that victims reported hearing their own bones and skin break. The infected person loses all motor capabilities and the blackness of their skin may cover the entire body at this stage.   Up to 6 days after the initial infection the patient bones crumble into dust inside their own body. If the victim haven't died from shock, infection or internal bleeding already they quickly succumb as their internal organs are left with no support while their skin slowly disintegrate, living their internals exposed. The remains that are left are extremely infectious.


Over the course of a day, the body crumbles into very fine dust particles, infecting anyone who inhales even a small amount.

Hosts & Carriers

Despite all undead creatures are immune to its effects some may still carry the disease, and spread it once it encounters a susceptible host.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Extremely Rare
Affected Species


Extremely Rare
Viral / Plague
One of the worst diseases known, this terrible plague can lay waste to entire communities in mere weeks. Contracted by even the barest physical contact between a healthy creature and a current victim of the disease or their remains.
Victims of Corpus can do nothing but shriek and howl as their bodies wither and blacken. Once the incubation period expires, the progress of the disease is so fast that a victim can hear his skin crackle and bones rattle as they grow brittle and break.
On contact withing 6 feet of the disease source, the creature makes a DC 20 Constitution saving throw. On a failed save, the disease begins taking hold.   First Stage
1d2 days after contraction, the creature skin begins to blacken around the limbs, their bones begin to crack and break under the weight of his own body. The creature has disadvantage on Attack Rolls, Ability Checks, and saving throws using Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution. Their movement speed is also reduced by half.   Second Stage
1d2 days after the infection takes hold, the creature's skin start to crack and break and his bones turn into dust inside his body. The creature makes a DC 20 Constitution saving throw every 8 hours. On a failed save, the creature's movement speed is reduced to 0, and becomes incapacitated.   Third Stage
1d2 days after the creature becomes incapacitated by this effect, they must make another DC 20 Constitution saving throw. On a failed save, the creature dies and their skin and bones crumble to dust, leaving the gory remains of what is left their internal organs exposed. Over the course of a day, their entire body crumbles and turns into a fine powder. Anyone who inhales the dust must pass a DC 20 Constitution saving throw or also become inflicted with the disease.
Only a Wish spell can cure this disease.


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This plague is terrifying. I love it. Interesting game mechanic too that you can still survive it somehow, but I suppose that adventuring life is over since, well, having your bone turned to dust is usually a life sentence to farming, or bookshops.

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