Numidius The Shrieking Death

The Shrieking Death

Plague / Epidemic


Bardalaga the Witch is burnt on the stake in village near the Rosewood Marsh and the peasantry burn down her alchemy tower. One day after they returned from the deed, the peasants started to shriek in pain as their skin turned black, the priests that arrived to bury the dead were infected as well. Within 3 months almost every settlement on the Gold Coast was infected by the Corpus plague.   The plague ravaged Lake Kadia for almost 12 years, killing more then a quarter of the population. The extremely infectious nature of the disease allowed it to kep spreading north to the Kaviri Highlands and east, through the mountains routes to Evornfel and Osternfel.   Magic users, shamans, and even some bards, already being prosecuted by the Andorian Church in its vendetta against necromancy, were blamed as the cause of the plague. Many were lynched and left to rot in the streets as chaos engulfed the Empire of Ader, not all of them magic users. Elves, halflings, Gnomes and tieflings where targeted as well.   Some folks began to flee south towards the Kingdom of Darseras, carring the plague with them. The kingdom quickly closed its borders, leaving refugees to fend for themselves against the the sickness and the many bandits and slavers that followed them.

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