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The Bright Sons

The Bright Sons are an Andorian cult focused around the sole worship of Rhaan. Their core belief is that Agustin Andor was the last living avatar of the god and that he shall return only when the world ends to save and guide those who fought against evil with any means necessary.


Despite their veneration to Rhaan, the bright sons do not worship any of the other Four, and do not follow any of the dogmas, with the exception of Dogma A. Instead of a goddess, they view Nymm and the other Four as demigods, claiming Rhaan as the sole creator of the world.

Public Agenda

Interaction between the Bright Sons and the public is often made through sponsored schools and sects in rural societies. They would often invest considerably in rural communities, helping construct barns, pens and other infrastructure critical for self sustaining the community.


While no official records found to point at the cult's founding dates, it is belived the Bright Sons have been operating around Lake Kadia since the early 12th century.   The Bright Sons are known to have take an active role in witch hunting and many instances of magical persecution during the Second Salemizia, despite never being officially ordained or sanctioned by any organization to do such tasks.   The Bright Sons contribution to the communities who house them is often viewed with scrutiny. Their members have been found guilty in corruption or other serious crimes throughout the years, with the their houding community often being the ones who eventually pay the price. Those accusation of corruption were so common in the 14th century that the Andorian Church has officially declared the organization as an unsanctioned cult, pushing its activities to more distant provinces around Lake Kadia.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Religious, Cult
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