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A salemizia is the violent persecution of spellcasters with the aim of their expulsion or, more commonly, their wanton massacre. The Aderic term became commonplace within the First Empire of Ader following The First Salemizaia and eventually found its way into The Common Languages.


During the first salemizia, groups of Wolfmen mercenaries were employed by The Inquisition, with many of them neither demanding nor accepting payment due their religious conviction. Unlike the inquisition's own men, these groups were only used in order to persecute and terrorize practitioners of arcane and druidic magic.

As Violent Riots

With the catastrophic culmination of the Battle of the Second Sun, religious citizens of the empire were stricken with grief, confusion, and frustration; their god seemed to have died, and many of them went on to lynch users of magic and loot their possessions as they saw their reckless manipulation of the weave as the reason for the disaster. On many occasions, clergymen were leading the mobs. The following years were characterized by political instability, and arcane casters became the scapegoat blamed for every ailment villagers would suffer from, and violent riots became somewhat of a norm outside larger cities.   Though never formally approved by authorities, riots almost always occurred with their knowledge and with them turning a blind eye; Salemizias allowed rulers to easily avoid scrutiny by their subjects and cover their own incompetence. This behavior was heavily discouraged in the founding years of the Second Empire of Ader, and by the 10th century the empire already began to harshly put down salemizias with the deployment of the Aderian Military. Protocols of The High Council shows that both the council and the Emperors of Ader understood the empire had much more to lose than there was to gain with these persecutions.


From Salem, a large village razed to the ground; and izia, a word in Kaviric meaning "pin down (to the ground)", with the intention of dealing the killing blow in combat or hunting.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
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