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Wolfmen is a broad term for militant groups of Kavirian origins, with the zealous worship of Eyre being the only common denominator among them; while some groups are comprised of well trained veteran warriors, others may be comprised of young Kavirians who've never been to a real battle before.


During the days of the kingdom of Kavir wolfmen served as paramilitary forces either safeguarding their communities or assisting the formal Kaviri army. As the kingdom began dissolving, groups of wolfmen went in one of three paths: pledged their alligiance to certain earls; dissolved, with their members joining their own clans; or joined the civil war as a seperate faction. The latter of the three quickly degenrated to roving warbands of violent brutes, adding a somewhat negative connotation for the term.  

Wolfmen Groups

The following is list of few of the more known groups, but is a far cry from being comprehensive.
  • The Searing Flayers - a group whose members have gained infamy for their habit of capturing their opponents and flaying them alive. They worship Azorkaratsel, and their name is a reference to the Searing Solars.
  • Fangs of the Wolf* - a group of ex-military fighters, mostly Highlanders, with a wide array of skills and years of experience. Though officially not a part of the Kingdom of Kavir's standing army, they played a crucial part in every major conflict.
  • Sævarfreki - roughly translating to "The Lake is the Wolf's" in Kaviric, this group of pirates is lead by Bjor Unnulfsson and consists of three vessels. Due to their acts of piracy some have made calls to stop regarding them as wolfmen, as this inclusion adds to the already negative connotations associated with the term.
  • The Gray Company - A group of monastic martial fighters that wield holy powers. They never speak, only write, however they howl during battle. They walk with thick furs covering their mouths and forehead at all times, only lowering the mouthpiece when fighting. Though rumored to practice ritual cannibalism, they actually only eat domesticated animals, a fact rendering that rumor highly unlikely to be true.
  • Vargerunts - rather than refering an actual group, the term refers to wayward thrill-seeking teenagers that go to the Kavirian frontiers in an attempt to earn a name for themselves. In Kaviric, the common usage of the word is pejorative, somewhat paralleling the term "vandal".

* Defunct group
Established before the war
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572


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