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Azorkaratsel, Myrmidon of Eyre


Azorkaratsel was, according to legend, the first mortal to anger Eyre. A powerful warrior and a boastful victor, he claimed that none can defeat him while in one of Eyre's places of worship. His wrath invoked, Eyre tasked him with eight impossible tasks, seven of which he has already carried out to completion, with the final one being killing every demon and soul of the abyss.   He is the greatest of the Searing Solars, both in terms of power and stature; measuring over 4 meters tall, he has two pairs of rainbow-feathered wings, each with a wingspan more than double his height. His weapon is a massive club, with blades of light protruding from it.

Divine Domains


The paladin risking everything to keep his oath; The lone and deranged cultist of a long forgotten god; The exhausted student pulling another all-nighter; All who are dedicated enough for a cause of their own volition may find themselves praying to Azorkaratsel, and he may grant boons for such mortals.  


All obstacles are passable. All impediments are challenges. All setbacks are opportunities for another attempt. This may also resonate with the ill, starving, addicted and beaten, who all must persevere in the face of impossible odds.


Divine Symbols & Sigils

The combination of green, grey, and yellow is usually associated with Azorkaratsel. Some devotees carry with them a symbol representing the Path of Glory.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

As Eyre's lieutenant and right hand, Azorkaratsel is tasked with electing souls deemed worthy to be presented in front of Rhaan so they might be elevated into celestial beings.
Fiercely loyal to Eyre, his goals are indistinguishable from those of his god. He was tasked by Eyre to fight the abyss for eternity, perpetuating the misconception that he is the leader of Eyre's Angelic Host, as the Host is mostly known for this conflict.
Azorkaratsel is also known as "The Paver of Destiny", not only because he figuratively paves the way for Eyre, but also because it is a literal translation of his name.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Divine Classification
Aligned Organization
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Character Portrait image: by Jaan-Paul van Eeden (edited)
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