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A Demigod is a being that possesses godlike powers, yet adhere to the rules and laws of a greater deity, sometimes even commanding one or more of their overlord's angelic hosts. A demigod who lacks an overlord is often refered to as a patron.


Most demigods, such as the solars or other angelic beings, were created or manifested as such. While it is exceedingly rare, mortals and other non-divine beings has acceded as demigod throughout history. It is unknown how such powers can be achieved, and mortals who ever wielded their kind usually perished soon after.


A demigod is appointed by their god to safeguard or manage an aspect of their choice. Most demigods adhere to the deity that created or manifested them and answer to them, and only them. A demigod may be sent as an avatar or envoy of a deity to act in their name. Those act are rarely observed by mortals and are most acts remain as complete enigmas. Despite their powers, demigods can not act on their own, or outside their spheres of influence and much like gods, they are not permitted influence the material realm directly.


In some rare cases, a mortal or other non-divine being may posses powers equal to those of a demigod, and may claim the title as well. The most famous example of a mortal demigod from recent history is Agustin Andor who used his powers to found an empire. Some suspect the wizard Mesmodera was a demigod, due to the immense powers she wielded during the Battle of the Second Sun.

Cultural Significance

In Andorian lands Agustin Andor, whom the church claims ascended as a demigod of Justice under Rhaan, is revered as a messiah.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Religious, Special
Source of Authority
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