Rymir's Peak

Rymir's Peak is located east to the Darsal Sea, where it dominates the relatively flat coast. The mountain used to be even bigger, but a big part of it collapsed after the Battle of the Second Sun. Despite the collapse, it remains the largest mountain on Edora that is not connected to the Amadels. The mountain serves as the lair and main dwelling of Rymir, the oldest of the silver dragons and a member of the Dragonguard.


The mountain is extremely rugged, with sharp edges and sheer cliffs starting from it's very foothills. Some of the ice on the ever frozen peak melts during spring and summer, creating powerful streams and waterfalls on its surface. The water often make the mountain even harder to climb than during the winters, when they freeze on the many ledges into surfaces of crystal clear ice.


While the jungle that surround the mountain to the east and the Darsal Crest to it's south are teeming with vegetation and various species of animals, Rymir's peak is almost completely barren.   The very sparse vegetation is mossy, low in nutrients, and has very little use outside of serving as food source for the numerous goats that roam its cliffs.   The peak is a snowy hellscape, home to adversaries and challengers the Dragon deamed worthy enough to preserve in ice after they've perished.

Natural Resources

The mountain is rich with silver and gold but mining it is strictly forbidden by Rymir. Instead, controlled avalanches by the dragon's agents ensure a steady stream of minerals to designated mining zones for the territories of the Vintian Imperium, the Republic of Kishara and the League of Temis. This allows the dragon to control the rate of mining and preserve the mountain without conflicting with the ideals of the local population.   The mineral arrangement between the Imperium and Kishara has been a long standing one. Once Temis was introduced to the contact as well, it cut into the allocations of both nations, who argued and lobbied fiercely against the new addition. It had little effect however, and Temis was allowed to mine, getting an even share of the allocated minerals.


Rymir is known to have settled in the peek for at least the last 3 millennia. The dragon was always known to have a totalitarian grip on the mountain. He would severely punish those who showed up uninvited, or dared trespass his domain unannounced.   Despite this behavior, he would also often arrange for competitions among adventurers to try and reach the top and would host lavish festivals inside his lair. Those who've been invited, often members of high courts, people of intrigue or those who achieved great feats, tell of a huge underground cavern that has been masoned to perfection by an army of dwarves. Some visitors have claimed the structure is so vast that it makes the mountain practically hollow, but such claim have never been proven, as no known mortal has ever toured the dragoon's entire lair.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Alternative Name(s)
Mont Silver
Mountain / Hill
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