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The Kadian Divide

The Kadian Divide, also known as Kadari in cartography and The Hook in naval terms, is a massive river that spill from Lake Kadia to the Western Ocean. The river forms a natural border that divides the western land around the lake in two, with the southern side being controlled by the Kingdom of Ader and the northern side by the Kingdom of Saltis.


The river is 10 miles wide, and its width remains almost constant from its origin to its mouth. The river is shallow near the lake's bank, measuring at merely 55-85 feet near Dorbridge, compared to the 180 feet measure at it's mouth in the Western Ocean.


The river serves as a passage to many types of fauna crossing from the ocean to the lake and back. Turtles, fish, lobsters and the occasional shark regularly pass through to the lake, but the fresh waters rarely sustain them and they perish, serving as food for the native species of the lake.


It is not known when, or how the river formed. Elven lore that survived in the lake area does not mentions it and it is only mentioned once in the Dwarven Saga. The divide does get mentioned, as The Kadari, in several scriptures and writings going as far as early 15,000 BC, mostly from around the Ostig Plateau. Some scholars hypothesize the it was made by the hands of mortals, or with some kind godly intervention, but no proof has been acquired to support those theories.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
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The Kadari River
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