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Cresthill was a small mining town in the eastern Taldirian Sovereign Lands. The town was decimated in an earthquake in 1572, which also caused a fire in its mines, costing the lives of most of the town's working force.


Cresthill was inhabited almost exclusively by human miners and prospectors, most of whom originiated from Taldirin.


Cresthill began as miner's hamlet in the Eastern Frontier of the Kingdom of Navara who hope to have claim at the area's vast copper reserves. Despite initial successful findings of copper, those proved to be limited n availability and the miners found mostly coal. The town was burnt down in 1205 and its inhabitant vanished without a trace.   In the late 16th century there was another effort at settling Cresthill, this time under the Arch Duke of Taldir. This settlement proved more successful than the first, with the community becoming profitable within a few years. Furthermore, striking deeper into the mines the townsfolk found the vast copper reserves initially sought for by Navara.   The town was struck by another disastrous fire in 1572, claiming the lives of most of the city's workforce. Left with mostly widows and orphans, the town was quickly abandoned within a month.  
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572

30th of Latspri, 1572 (Abandoned)

Founding Date
5th of Erlsum, 1561 (ressetlement)
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