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Gnomengarde is a gnome settlement located in the eastern parts of the Taldirian Sovereign Lands. It is the largest rock-gnome settlement found around Lake Kadia.


Gnomengarde population is made entirely out of Rock-Gnomes. Most of the population are wizards  and artificers. Other occupations being miners, cooks, scribes and mushroom winemakers.


Those who serve in the higher roles in Gnomengarde elects a Kai who then rule alone or side by side as equals with their spouse in case they have one. Gnomengarde kais rule for their lifetime and decide on trade, outside relations and the general agenda the settlement will follow for their duration. When the current monarch dies or become unfit to rule, the denizens elect a new one as the title is not hereditary.


Like most gnomish settlements, Gnomengarde is packed with defenses and traps to deter invaders. Raging from siege crossbows to sets of spinning blades and trapdoors, the gnomes themselves are capable of inflicting great pain on whoever challenge their dwelling.


Gnomengarde is a collection of smoothly carved, 5 ft high, tunnels connecting the bigger halls, common rooms, kitchens and other facilities together. The main level consist of the central workshop and the throne room while lower levels are used for the common areas or mining.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
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