Numidius The quake of Ozark

The quake of Ozark

Disaster / Destruction

24/5 13:00

A strong earthquake distrupt the Taldirian Sovereign Lands, causing immense structural damage to every settlement in the area. The quakes were so severe they reach Navara, cracking the northern wall of the city and damaging many of the houses in Northriver. The settlement of Cresthill got struck with such severity nearly none of its structures remained standing.  

Somehow, the stone simply tore itself out of the damn ground. By the damage [to the wall of Navara], it had to "jump" at least a thousand feet high and hover for a bit to negate the planer acceleration. I would call thunderdung but stones are physically incapable of lies. I think we all need a drink.
— Berin Ostbrick, Senior Stonecutter of the Aderian Survey Corps.
  Later examinations by stonecunners pointed the source to the ruins of Orzak. Expeditions to the area found it completely decimated.

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