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The Aderian Admirality

The Aderian Admiralty, often abbreviated as TAA, is the naval force of the Kingdom of Ader.
Though experienced, the majority of its conflicts are with pirates and encounters with another nation's vessel rarely end with more than a few casualties.


The admiralty consists of two Cardinal Fleets: Vicinas in Lake Kadia and Semotus in The Cruel Sea.
Each cardinal fleet is comprised of a War Fleet joined by a Command Flotilla: the fleet's flagship, 3 frigates, and 3 Reciprocalae.   The chain of command in the admiralty is as strict as it can be: a sailor addressing an officer that isn't his direct commander is risking being court-martialed, and so is an officer issuing a command to a sailor not under his command.  

Ships' Complement

The following outlines the chain of command and the nominal complement of frigates and cardinal ship.

  • Ship's Captain
    A ship's captain is its supreme commander and holds complete and utter jurisdiction regarding any topic aboard it. This is not to be confused with the admiralty rank of captain, as a ship's captain can hold any naval officer rank.
    • Lieutenants
      Depanding on whether they captain a frigate or a cardinavi, a ship's captain may have anywhere between six and two subordinate officers, with their second in command being the first mate, their second in command being the third mate, and so on. The first mate is also known as the scap, a shortening of shadow captain.
      • Foremaster
        Foremasters are navy officer cadets studying under an experienced officer; they are tasked with commanding the forefront of the ship, hence the name foremaster. Aboard frigates there is no distinction between the role of foremaster and third mate, and both are manned by the same cadet.
      • Navigator
        Aderian admiralty navigators are non-commissioned naval officers that answer to the first mate and advise to the ship's captain if the need arises. They are tasked with course setting and planning, oversee preparations for extreme weather and climate, and serving as a source of naval experience in aid of junior officers and the crew. They are the seniormost of their ship's sailors, with the vast majority of them sailing prior the admiralty's reformation.
    • Quartermaster
      A ship's quartermaster is a warrant officer that acts as the counterweight to the ship's commisioned officers; commonly more experienced than any officer save the captain, they offer invaluable advice to the inexperienced ones. Quartermasters are tasked with enforcing discipline, managing logistics and oversee proper maintainance of their vessel.
      • Ship's Bauxere
        Named after the Lord Bauxere of Ader, the ship's bauxere oversees proper handling and purchase of supplies, such as food and drink, clothing, bedding, and raw materials. The bauxere is not in charge of pay, but still has to track it closely since the crewmen pay for all their supplies; the bauxere's job is to deduct those expenses from their wages.
        The position, though unpaid, is still very sought after because of the expectation of making a reasonable profit, as any leftover monthly budget is the bauxere's to do as they see fit; this is by design and greatly assists in rendering the admiralty being self sufficient.[br In addition to their official responsibilities, it is customary for the bauxere to act as an official private merchant for luxuries such as tobacco and to be the crew's banker.
      • Chaplain
        A ship's chaplain essentialy has the same role as the chaplains of the ARA; they maintain the ship's gardesanct (a section dedicated to religious practices), lead prayers, hold masses, and serve as their ship's surgeon. Chaplains are distinct in the sense that they aren't a part of the admiralty's hierarchy, being regarded as passengers rather than crewmen.
    • Captain of Marines
      The captain of marines is an ARA officer, usually a decorated major, commanding the boarding force of the ship. Most officers assigned as captain of marines lack the necassery skills to lead a battalion, but are considered to be too valuable to dismiss; some eventually rise through the ranks of the admiralty, though this is relatively uncommon.



The hardships of serving in an isolated and enclosed vessel for weeks or months on end either brake the sailors or create an inseparable crew. Though the chain of command is strict and most deviations from the norm end with corporal punishment, officers and crew share strong bonds. All officers dine and fight with their crew, and those aboard a Halsnip (up to and including a captain) have no quarters of their own.


In total, the admiralty has:   Additionally, the fortress-city of Lanorbor serves as its home port. The city has traffic and commerce as every other city does; however, every profit made in its market is the admiralty's, and every workshop in it is wholly dedicated towards manufacturing and maintaining the admiralty's assets.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572

Ex fundo lacus ad fretum mare.
(From the bottom of the lake to beyond the sea)

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