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Estubor is a city at the outskirts of the Aderian Forest whose importance grew drastically after the secession of the Principality of Saltis from the Empire of Ader following the usurpation of Navara by Kairoz the Andorian.

Industry & Trade

Estubor is similar to any and every harbor, but on a much larger scale; the city's residents work in fishing, treasure seeking, trading, mercanery work, entertainment, and virtually every sort of profession somewhat related to harbor cities. The city has a myriad of illicit and even criminal activities.


As a whole, estubor is a chaotic patchwork of buildings from different eras and of varying materials. The city center is somewhat of a ramshackle wooden structures on stilts directly above water, with the outer parts being more robust and on solid ground.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572


  • Settlement - Estubor
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