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The divination school of magic contains spells that enable the caster to learn secrets long forgotten, interpret dreams, predict the future, find hidden things or foil deceptive spells. A wizard who specializes in divination is known as a diviner.  


  • Scrying

    Spells from this subschool create invisible sensors that allows the creator to experience events over long distances. Intelligent creatures can sometimes get the feeling that they are being watched while under this kind of observation, and several spells or even a simple lead sheet can interrupt most of them.
  • Postcognizance

    Spells from this subschool allow access to knowledge of, and about, past events.
  • Precognizance

    Remarkabley less reliable than other schools and occasionally somewhat dangerous, specializing in this subschool attempts to forsee events that are to come.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
Metaphysical, Arcane

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