Numidius The Ponderer's Escape

The Ponderer's Escape

Disaster / Destruction


Magus Ponder Stibbons is locked in the vaults under the Grand Library of Vintia by chief-archivist Toverti Jesiniari, without the knowledge or consent of the Queen, Alexia Von Grieft.   A few hours past sunset the entire easternside of Vintia began to rumble and quake, only to explode into dust a few moments later in a great pillar of light. The explosion resulted in the collapse on one of the Ivory Towers, which where believed to be indestructible at the time.   The entire noble district of Vintia, along with large section of the eastern part of the city vanished and the water of the Darsal Sea rushed in. The total death toll is unknown, yet believed to be above 10,000.   Stibbons himself remained floating in the air, hovering a few inches above sea level and holding two warforged coins. By the time anyone could respond his body was tuned into stone. Despite spending considerable effort and resources, any and all attempts to move, remove, or destroy him have failed.

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