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University of Caeris

The Acedimica Caerisi Universa(ACU), is one of biggest high education institutions on Edora. The school is located in the Free City of Caeris and together with MIT and BASM takes part in the Ivory Coalition.


In 948 the Bronze Dragon Zorikas wished to discuss the ongoing naval hostilities between pirates and Amarrisian forces that slowly crept on his layer doorstep. He did not, however, wished to travel all the way to Odiva simply to discuss a few errand fireballs and burnt ships on horizon. The king, who's lands bordered the dargon's lair, was weary of retaliation and suggested he would meet with him during his visit to Caeris.   Not wanting to anger or scare the city's poplation, Zerikas arrived at the city docks disguised as a Kobold and was assaulted almost immediately by dockworkers. He killed 15 of them before the guards arrived. After the incident Zorikas asked why he was attacked without provocation to which the king replied that the 'folks around there just didn't know any better'.   Taking the king's words literally, he proposed to build a school for the people of Caeris so they would would become wiser and more educated. The king was either unable to fulfill the request, or simply saw it as a jest but the dragon was serious. Before returning home he purchased a large portion of the city with gold and artifacts from his lair, and then proceed to build a university.   The university finished construction in record time of three years and was opened in a lavish ceremony. It was equipped with state of the art facilities for medical and alchemical studies as well as an extansive library and several study and lecture halls. This magnificent accomplishment, however, meant very little to the people of Caeris, most of whom lacked even the proper elementary education that is required to even enroll into such an institution.   The university has grown considerably since it was founded and walls where built around it in the late 10th century after a small mob broke into the astronomy tower and burnt it to the ground.   The Acedimica Caerisi Universa joined the Ivory Coalition in 1161 and open it's official Quadmge club in 1240.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572

Knowledge Shall Triumph.

Founding Date
Educational, University
Alternative Names
University of Caeris
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