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Briga's Academy of Science and Medicine

The Briga's Academy of Science and Medicine (BASM) is the biggest academic research center in the Vintian Imperium. The academy was founded in 843 by Alexo Flemi and offers training and education in medicine, science, alchemy, astronomy and cartography. The Academy's medical school is regarded as the most prestigious and important institute for the training of medics and doctors, who operate all around the continent. Together with MIT and ACU, the academy takes part in the Ivory Coalition.


The academy was funded in 843 by Lord Alexo Flemi, a renown medic and scientist who searched for non magical treatment to wounds after his only son died due to his potion allergy. Flemi opened his workshop and laboratory to the public, inviting scholars and researchers from all around the continent.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
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Educational, School/Academy
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