Fellowship of The Ponderer

The Fellowship of the Ponderer are a religious scholarly group devoted to the understanding of the soul and the gathering, curating and publishing of both magical and scientific knowledge to the public.

Public Agenda

The organization aim to educate the public, believing that true peace and prosperity can only be achieve by first receiving proper education. Scientific and magical discoveries should be at the hand of all, and not a select few. While it's presence is most noticeable in and around Vintia, the organization operates more than a thousand public schoolhouses around Edora. While they are generally perceived as beneficial and harmless, some has raise concern over their freely given knowledge. In more religious states like the Andorian Alliance and Estrerra, the Fellowship of the Ponderer is banned.


The most important asset of the organization is unquestionably the Vintian Museum of Magical Heritage that contains countless important magical treasures and relics but also serves as their headquarters. The largest part of the organization budget is provided from a trust fund left by its founder Maira Von Fritz and the writer Bethany Fores. Another revenue streams are donations made by benefactors and the general population, but those almost always go toward local improvements andmaintanace.


The Fellowship was founded by Maira Von Fritz and Loddvir Bessel in 1210 . They approached the Queen of Vintia, Alexia Von Grieft to approve their charter and she agreed on the conditions that they will share their finding with the Vintian Imperium and that the organization would help rebuild the ruined sections of Vintia.

Mythology & Lore

The Fellowship theorize that all life on Edora, and perhaps the entire Material Planes originate from a single divine being called Om who later split by himself, or by another, into countless different pieces who became the souls of every living creature.   They also theorize that following a betrayal, The Ponderer has reached understanding of the Om that allowed him to escape¬† from his prison and to mend the nfernal Storm. The Fellowship believe that the Ponderer shall return with an understanding of the Om to ascend all mortals to a higher state of being.

Tenets of Faith

The Fellowship of the Ponderer follows and preserve the The Ponderer's Notes, with The Tale of Ponder Stibbons serving as reference and commentary. Most members and followers believe they hold the key to his return, and to delivering mortals into a higher states of mind.   The organization's member will preserve knowledge and education above all else, even if it endanger their well being or social status. They also respect the magical arts and believe it must be free and unrestricted, as it is the godsend gift of the Ponderer to all mortals, through its understanding of the Om. As such, they will never turn away a student and will invest as many hours as they tech to study their field.   Followers of the Ponderer will never inflict harm knowingly on anyone, even to those who wronged them. They would also refrain from telling lies, as the truth hurt once but lies fester forever. finally, they are expected to stand by other people in times of trouble or need and will never turn a blind eye to wrong doings. They will remain humble and meek, and never patronize over or belittle someone else.


While the Fellowship does not officially condemn any religious, nor does is support the idea of godlessness. Those who attend the organization's school are lectured on The Ponderer, Vintian culture and the Fifth Dogma. The have been accusations in the past of the organization's lack of support toward teaching other cultures and systems of beliefs, to which the organization replied that it supports free will, respects fair traditions and devoted itself to ensure knowledge is passed freely.


There are three sects within the Fellowship, and all report to the Loremaster. The Pedagogical Sect is the biggest, with its member and students account for nearly 60% of the organization. The Librarian Sect is a second with around 35%, and the rest belong to the Magical Sect or to none at all.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572

Insegni vi Guida.
Teach and Guide.

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