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Loddvir Bessel

Mage Loddvir Amadesius Bessel

Loddvir Amadesius Bessel was an accomplished Aderian enchanter and one of the founders of the Fellowship of the Ponderer. He was married to the writer Donnabella Fiasco.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Childhood

Loddvir was born in Ammand to Tojak and Matilda Bessel. His father was a dock hand and was killed in an accident when he was 5. His mother died 5 years later from a severe case of Pneumonia and he was sent to his grandparents in Arkford. His grandparents, merchants in trade, previously disowned his mother for marrying a man from a lower class and did not view him as a legitimate part of their family tree. When his magic manifested they swiftly arranged for him to be sent back to Ammand to study under the Conclave of Magi there.  

Studying in the Conclave

During his studies, Loddvir did not show much potential in casting or summoning but was very talented when it came to enchantments. He would routinely create magical items for his classmates, With the purpose being the ability to cheat tests more often than not. His teachers, and at some point even the branch overseer herself, would regularly raid his room but would never able to find nothing, as most of his work was stored in his friend's room, Ponder Stibbons. Beside Ponder, Loddvir would also meet Donnabella Fiasco, known then as Amelia Ostoria. The three would spend considerable time together and were fast friends.  

Becoming and Enchanter

After finishing his studies he decided to stay in Ammand while Ponder went to the Eastern Frontier and Donnabella left for Kingdom of Kavir. His business turned up a sizeable profit and he became known as one of the most promising enchanters in the north by the Wizard's Weekly. Sometime after opening his store, he an Donabbella would get married and have a son, Albert.  

Moving to Vintia

After the Ponderer's Escape he was called to assist a college of his, Maira Von Fritz, an enchantress herself. She invited him to assist her in the studies of Ponder Stibbons who turned into a statue while causing unprecedented destruction. Loddvir left his wife and son at Ammand and ventured south to Vintia. He would return to Ammand once per month, and would implore his wife to move their family there. Vintia at the time was still in rubble and rebuilding. Crime was rampant and attacks, kidnappings and murdurs would occur regularly. Donnabella was reluctant at first, but the rising tensions between spell casters and the Andorian Church eventually led her to agree.  

Fellowship of the Ponderer

In Vintia, Loddvir and Maira would found the Fellowship of the Ponderer. He devoted himself to study their friend in hope to bring him back one day and made some considerable progress. Among other things, he was able to prove that The Ponderer was the cause for the calming down of the infernal Storm and revealed that the Warforged Coins actually contain living souls. He manage to trace the "enchantment" revealing it to be a different force entirely, called Animancy.  

Later Years and Death

Following the death of his wife, Donnabella, he sunk into deep depression and became distant from others, including Maira. He would shut himself inside his house for days, and only come out to buy food and other necessities. Those who met with him in his final years recall a thin, and fragile old man, barely able to move. A far cry from the energetic, often hyperactive man he once was. He passed away 5 years after his wife, while his son returned from his studies in Briga.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Loddvir was the first Aderian to ever speak in front of the Famiglie Imperiali since the Vintian Imperium's inception. He is also considered as the forefather of Animancy and his studies and enchantments are considered highly coveted by collectors.


Family Ties


Loddvir Bessel


Towards Donnabella Fiasco

Donnabella Fiasco


Towards Loddvir Bessel

Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
1181 AC 1263 AC 82 years old


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