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Maira Von Fritz

Magus Maira Von Fritz

Maria Von Fritz was the founder and leader of the Fellowship of the Ponderer. She was a Magus-Tir of the Conclave of Magi, mastering the school of Enchantment. She left the organization during The Desertion.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Childhood

Maira was born in Vintia, to Alehandres and Phena of house Von Fritz. She grew up in a noble court and manifested her first magical talents when she was 11 years old.  

Magical Studies

While in the conclave she was apprenticed with a prominent enchanter in Vintia, and began working for him after her graduation. Finally, with the help of her parents she managed to buy the enterprise from her late tutor children. She led several expeditions into the Southern Amadels and into Lisang, mostly searching for artifacts of the Dohasian era.  

The Fellowship of the Ponderer

During an expedition around the same time she found an ancient The Warforged Coin that she gifted to The Ponderer when he was still known as Ponder Stibbons and the two secluded to meet when she return. When she visited the statue she was shocked by the damage and decided to devote her life to study her petrified friend in hope to understand the root cause of the event. She contacted the famous Aderian enchanter, Loddvir Bessel who grew up with Stibbons and together they set up shop near the slowly forming Harbor District.   Maira believed that if Ponder would to ever return to his mortal form, he would be devastated by the damage he caused, and that he would never be capable of afflicting such a horror by his own decision. She invested considerable resources and time helping to rebuild the ruined sections of the city. Most of her initial funding came from her family, but that revenue stream was quickly shut as she racked up expenses and the House Von Fritz did not wish to build the entire city by themselves. The majority of Vintians at the time viewed Stibbons as an Aderian terrorist and the fact that is was indestructible and immovable was only adding insult to injury. She realized that if she has to convince the people that the thing floating in the middle of the district wished no harm upon them. She met with Bethany Lidori and encouraged her to write and publish Stibbons' Memories.   Following the publication of the book, and Loddvir speaking in front of the Famiglie Imperiali, the public opinion began to shift. The two founded the Fellowship of the Ponderer to allow other's to collaborate on their study of the statue. They quickly attracted much of the academic and magical scholar communities, and manage to make several breakthroughs in understanding it's nature. Their publications, along with the fading of the Infernal Storm being linked directly to the Ponderer caused more people joined and more donations and funding to pour through. Maira, through the Fellowship, invested the majority of the money into rebuilding the city and became one of it's major shaping force.  

Leaving the Conclave

After recieving her Magus-Tir rank she served on the Council of Balance for 4 years until quitting the organization with several others due to lack of action by the Arch-Mage regarding the discrimination of magic users in the Andorian Alliance. She returned to Vintia where she continued to lead and manage the Fellowship until her death in 1292.


Mage of the Conclave (1119-1126)

Maira completed the magical education required by the Conclave of Magi under the branch of Vintia. She received the title of Wizard, majoring in Enchantment.  

Magus of the Conclave (1199-1220)

Maira was accepted to study In 1199 to continue her studies in the White Diamond Tower of Darseras, in 1201 she completed her entry exams and begun her studies under Magus-Tir.   Magus-Tir of the Conclave (1221-1130) In 1121 Maira was elected to fill a Magus-Tir role under Grandmaster of Enchantment faculty, where she spent 5 years as an enchanter. Her next, and last role was as a Collaborator of the Ivory Coalition under the Council of Balance where she served for another 4 years. She quite the roll, alongside 50 other members as reaction to the


Family Ties

Maira was a member of House Von Fritz, one of the most influential families of the Vintian Imperium. She never married or had any children of her own.  


Maira Von Fritz

Friend (Important)

Towards Doris Von Tris



Doris Von Tris

Friend (Important)

Towards Maira Von Fritz




Maira and Doris are both daughters of noble families from Vintia. They were grouped into the same class when arriving at the conclave and have remained good friends ever since.

Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Currently Held Titles
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
1107 AC 1292 AC 185 years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
5'3 feet (1.63 meters)
~120 lbs (~55 kg)
Aligned Organization


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