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The Warforged Coin, 1

The First Warforged coin is a unique coin originating from the Kingdom of Darseras. It depicts an elaborate and detailed image of a Warforged, mythical constructs that according to Andorian lore fought against Agustin Andor during his Crusades. The coin is believed to be part of a part of a set, as 4 others have been found in the years following its discovery.


The coin was originally found near Taldirin in 1204. According to local legend, it was brought into town by a warforged and traded by the original owner for a magical bow. This story remains unconfirmed, despite some circumstantial evidence to support it.   The coin's movement and possession through the centuries remains unknown. In 1478 the coin surfaced again, this time near Mintra. It was presumably smuggled to the Imperial Lands sometime during the War of the Cleric or the Great Panic that followed it. The coin was found alongside other magical items hidden inside an old tree trunk. It was donated by House Von Grieft to the Vintian Museum of Magical Heritage, where it is currently on display.   Following the discovery of Loddvir Bessel that similar coins used by the The Ponderer contained powerful souls within, the coin was analyzed in 1485 by a group of animancers, who found no trace of such power in the coin, despite it showing unexplained magical properties


The Warforged Coin is considered to be one of the most important discoveries of the Darseran era, from which very little artifacts and knowledge survived the Battle of the Second Sun. Expert agreed early that the coin was not meant to be traded, as ample coins that survived from that period show that the Kingdom of Darseras mostly traded using gold and silver, suggesting it to be a memento or part of a certain ceremony or a ritual.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
The Warforged Coin by Ziv Mor
Item type
Currency & Deeds
Creation Date
50 AC - 250 AC
Subtype / Model
Unique, part of a set.
0.50 lbs / 1g
1.7" (45mm)
Raw materials & Components
The coin is made out of Electrum and its inner rims and engravings are decorated with gold.


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