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Donnabella Fiasco

Mage Amelia Olerna Ostoria

Amelia Olerna Bessel, more commonly known by her pen name, Donnabella Fiasco, was a a Human adventurer, wizard and writer. Her study on the different magical cultures of Edora has led to several reforms and changes and is considered to be the groundwork of modern magical training.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Childhood

Amelia was born in Ammand to Mathew and Lorena Ostoria, who both immigrated to Ader from Strathold. When her magic manifested, her father feared for her safety and took several loans to send her to the Conclave of Magi to study. The cost was tremendous but she would be close to home and relatively safe.  

Studies in the Conclave

Amelia studied in Ammand for 7 years. During her studies she met and befriended Loddvir Bessel, who she would later marry, and Ponder Stibbons who would become The Ponderer. She completed her Mage diploma with honors and was granted a position the Conclave's Indigenous Magical Cultures research program.  

Time Abroad

Amelia spent the next 3 years in Kavir, observing shamanistic and cultural rituals and even participated in several. She remained in constant touch with both Ponder and Loddvir, but to a much greater extant with the later. During one of her visits to Ammand she went to visit Loddvir, who opened an Enchanting shop in the city. The two spent considerable time together, and on her third visit they got married. As a wedding gift Loddvir created her iconic mask. Two month after their wedding both her parents were killed by bandits while traveling to Dorbridge.  

Moving to Vintia

After the Ponderer's Escape, Loddvir was called to Vintia by Magus Maira Von Fritz while Amelia stayed at home with their newborn son, Albert. The Inquisition began to push for more and more magical legislation, she began to fear for her safety and was finally convinced by Loddvir to move to Vintia.  

The Reforms

Amelia continued her research from Vintia, often going on expeditions to Lisang and the Agaman Bay. She tried several times to publish her research, but it was rejected by her Vintian peers. She decided to publish it outside of the conclave and contacted the Order of Xyjil, under the alias of Donnabella Fiasco. To her surprise, the order agreed to publish her finding almost immediately, leading to it becoming wide spread in the Free Cities. Amelia research discussed indigenous people and their ways of performing magic, exposing the population to the idea of different approaches to master the arcane while also suggesting solution to several cultural problems that stem from the conclave way of teaching.   The conclave was outraged and revoked her Mage status, under claims of publishing a baseless, and fundamentally flawed research with a 'rogue' group. Agam'an, Kavirian and many more students from shamanistic origins went on a hunger strike as result, forcing the conclave to reverse their decision and reform their entire teaching method.  

Later Years and Death

Amelia continued to write and publish additional research papers under the alias of Donnabella. When asked why she picked the name she replied, "it just sounds fun and silly." She passed away at the age of 77 after being infirm for a month with high fever. Her funeral was performed in the Ponderer's Harbor District of Vintia and was presented by delegations of the Conclave, the Vintian Imperium, the Order of Xyjil and the Kingdom of Kavir. Other guests from the Free Cities and several Agam'an tribes have also arrived to show their respects.


Family Ties


Loddvir Bessel


Towards Donnabella Fiasco

Donnabella Fiasco


Towards Loddvir Bessel

Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
1181 AC 1258 AC 77 years old
Loddvir Bessel (spouse)
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