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By the standards of the Conclave of Magi a Mage is someone who completed their magical training in one of the Conclave's branches.


Mages are officially considered Wizards who are ready and able to offer their services. They are also expected to behave responsibly with their magic as they are bound to the Conclave rules and regulations.


In order to become a Mage a person must complete 7 years of theoretical and practical magical studies at one of Conclave's branches. During their training they must pick a field of expertise, summon a personal familiar and learn the basics of magical defenses.


being a Mage of the Conclave allows wizards to offer their services to the general public. Mages will find food and shelter in any of the Conclave's branches for a up to one month from their arrival.   Not being a licensed Mage in countries like the Empire of Ader of in Osternfell may lead to persecution or even death.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Magical, Professional
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