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Mastery of Om

According to the Fellowship of the Ponderer, Om is the original power of creation. Om is believed to be the fabric, shell and voice of reality and understanding it allows a person to transcend to a higher state on mind.

Historical Basis

Observance of the weave and the Numidius reveal that they are affecting each other, with the Numidius being the dominant of the two. Furthermore, according to Animancy, the movement of souls during their lives and even in death, is greatly affected by those forces. In several well documented cases, prisoners who where pardoned of crime moments before their public executions have manifested a short, yet observable movement in both the Numidius and the Weave, suggestion a force connecting all three. The Ponderer is also suspected to have achieved a certain mastery of the 'Om'.

In Literature

While not mentioned by name, Om is considered to be the focal point around both the The Tale of Ponder Stibbons, that follows the wizard from his early days until The Ponderer's Escape. The second most popular source is The Ponderer's Notes, which is more convoluted, and much less understood.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572

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