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The Ponderer's Notes

The Ponderer's Notes is a collection of the knowledge and research collected and curated by Magus-Tir Ponder Stibbons prior to his presumed ascension. The notes contain countless of references to non-confirmed creatures, such as the P-Rex, but also contains several important notes that led to breakthroughs in Conjuration, Enchantment and even Artificery and Animancy.

Historical Details


After the events that led to the Ponderer's Escape, all of his belongings were seized by the Nullifiers of the Conclave of Magi to be moved to the White Diamond Tower on the Isle of Darseras. Stibbons himself was declared outlawed and his title of Magus was taken from him.   When the Fellowship of the Ponderer began their studies, they requested the materials but were refused by Arch-Mage Verdian Tuvalius Tuvalius claimed that the content of the notes is sensitive as it discuss internal politics and methods of the Conclave, and giving it away would compromise important experiments Ponder participated in. This claim was put to the test when Bethany Fores published her work, The Tale of Ponder Stibbons, which discussed in length the experiences and memories of Stibbons. The book led to an outcry by members of the Conclave who demanded the conclave to affirm the tale, or release Stibbons notes should they state otherwise.   the conclave proceed to claim that since the Grand Library of Vintia was destroyed, the city lacks the proper facilities to handle such important historical materials. In response, the Queen of Vintia, Norila Von Tifeiri order the construction of the Vintian Museum of Magical Heritage, designed specifically to handle old magical artifacts and documents and declared Ponder as Impero Ereditre. The conclave was left with little choice, unless it wanted to sour the relations with their biggest client and after Tuvalius's death they handed over most of the materials. The notes that were released to the public are now available for study at the museum in Vintia.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
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