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Verdian Tuvalius

Arch Mage Verdian Aligaro Tuvalius

Arch-Mage Verdian Tuvalius was the leader of the Conclave of Magi. He was the first human and the youngest person to ever assume the role. Tuvalius rose to fame for also being the youngest commander of the Nullifiers, a former elite force of the conclave.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Verdian Tuvalius was born in Vintia to a noble family. He is the second son of his parents, and the only one with magical capabilities, despite the family's long history of magic users.   Tuvalius showed great promise growing up and was administered into the Conclave branch in Vintia when he was only 11 years old. By the time he was 17 he was already taking his 8th year, preparing for the Nullifiers exams.


Tuvalius has a Mage degree from the Conclave Branch of Vintia. His master thesis during his Magus studies was on Abjuration magic. His Magus-Tir doctorate delved into theoretical magic and anomalies, and is considered a significant cornerstone in magical forensics.


After graduating and finishing his extra year Tuvalius was employed as a Nulifier. He was quickly sent for squad commander training. Not much is known on his 20 years of service, after which he was appointed as Commander of the Nullifers. At the age of 54, after already commanding the Nullifiers for almost 8 years, he was elected as Arch Mage by the Conclave's High Council.   In 1230 he stepped down from his position as Arch Mage following a mass desertion due to his lack of action during the Great Panic of Ader. He retired to his familial mansion in Vintia where he spent the rest of his years in private research or lecturing in various academies around the continent.


Family Ties

House Tuvalius is a very wealthy noble house. His father, Ariver Tuvalius is a former Mortalitasi and his mother is the famous philosopher Mariette Tuvalius.

Religious Views

Tuvalius claimed to be a devote follower of The Sage and was known to be a practicer of the Fifth Dogma. He also sworn a Mortalis Permisima.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
1148 AC 1250 AC 102 years old
Current Residence
Arch-Mage Quarters in Darseras.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
6' (1.85m)
Aligned Organization


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