The Nullifiers were the law enforcement branch of the Conclave of Magi. They neutralized and apprehended rogue magic users and other magical threats that could prove dangerous to the magical community. They operated anywhere a conclave branch was located, usually under different aliases and identities.



Most nullifiers came from the schools of abjuration and evocation, as the two disciplines were crucial at blocking and countering magical effects. While nullifiers were known to also use of sheer force when required, the regular addition of illusionists from outside of the rank and file, and the secrecy around most of the force missions, suggest a more subtle approach was usually taken.


Very little is known about the training program of the Nullifiers, or how many actually manage to complete it. Nullifiers had to take an additional, 8th year of study at their conclave's branch. During this extra year, they would mostly learn the theory of subjects such as curses, counter spelling and more. After a successful completion of their first year, cadets were moved to Vintia to continue their training there. Most Nullifiers completed their training in 5 years, those who desired to become officers and lead their own operations and teams had to complete another 5 years of studies and training taking place in several undisclosed locations.



Recruitment of new Nullifiers is usually done while the applicants are still on their training. Those who study under the schools of Evocation or Abjuration may approach the first filter test while already on their sixth year. Students of other schools can, while on their sixth year,  apply to take an extra class on Abjuration and take the test on their 7th year.   A student who wishes to join the ranks of the Nullifiers must show critical thinking, preform well under pressure and function well in close and limited company or alone for long periods of time.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
1230 (following the desertion)
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
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