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The Pacificatores is an organization specializing in law enforcement and apprehension of criminal fugitives or rogue groups who escape between jurisdictions and borders. The guild serves as the peacekeeping force of the Free Cities and operates under a strict set of rules and laws that changes depending on their location of operations. Despite their deep connection, the Pacificatores are not a division of the FCBD but a legally contracted firm.


The Pacificatores are divided into 4 arms, called "offices", each is in charge of a different aspect of the organization.

Office of General Affairs

The Office of General Affairs is directly overseen by the Invocer, who is the highest commanding authority and the leader of the organization. The OGA connects the other branches of the organization, exchanging relevant information between them and ensures their successful collaborations.

Civilian Affairs

The Office of Civilian Affairs serves as the law enforcement and peacekeeping arm of the organization. The OCA is the biggest of the four offices, responsible for nearly 2/3rd's of the Pacificatores manpower. The OCA is also in charge of the organization intelligence gathering and management.

Martial Affairs

The Office of Martial Affairs is the military and strategic command of the Pacificatores. The office oversees the defense of the organization's clients against external threats. The manpower of the OMA varies from foot soldiers to specialized siege engineers and magical communication squads.

Diplomatic Affairs

The Office of Diplomatic Affairs is the geopolitical and legal arm of the organization. The ODA recruit new clients, issues warrants and bounties and also collects payments for services rendered. The Office also deals with the public relations and recruitment of new members.

Public Agenda

The presence of the Pacificatores has been matter of much debate and controversies since the organization's inception. While the organization provides much needed support and protection to members of the FCBD, their costly operations and maintenance is one of largest portion in tax collection. While some claim their streets are safe and thus should pay more, the organization claims its their presence that ensure the safety of the streets in the first place.   Another issue is the recruitment process of the Pacificatores. With the exception of the ODA who choose their recruits from among the Ivory graduates, the rest of the arms will recruit anyone capable regardless of their past, with some recruits even provided with fake identities or funerals. The Pacificatores claim they offer rehabilitation for those that pass the Pass the Twins and that effectively fighting criminals requires having inside knowledge that few posses.   The organization is also well known for the protection it gives to its veterans, even dedication a whole division to safeguard them from any threats that may pursue them. Their refusal to extradite known murders, even to their clients, have led several time to frictions and diplomatic incidents. The organization claim that anyone who lived to see the end of his contract, spending countless years guarding civilization from evil, is a rehabilitated person who deserves to be protected and live peacefully for the rest of their lives.


During the years of its existence the organization has amassed both wealth and property. The most notable are Castle Grey, serving as the organization's headquarters, and the Twins, whom serve both as a training center and as a prison. Other assets include barrackses, keeps, medical facilities and other venues across the Agaman Bay.



Following the death of Saherim Tarian, the leadership of the Pax Venatores fell on the shoulders of his second in command, Amrius Silfervo. Even before his death, Tarian and Silfervo planned the organization future and It was agreed by both sides that the organization required a major change in structure if it were to spread it operations across the Agaman Bay. Despite this agreement, Tarian was worried that most officers of the Pax Venatores will not be accepting of the vast and sudden changes. He instructed Silfervo to fully execute their plan only after his death, while they comb the ranks and ready the groundwork during his life.

The Civilian-Martial split

The first change that had to be made was creating a new division to handle the peacekeeping. Being a mercenary company, most of the members of the Pax Venatores were former soldiers. The previous military experience proved beneficial in combat, but much less so when dealing with neighbor disputes. A lot of the cases that were brought to the attention of the Pax Venatores were resolved with more violence than was actually needed. Fearing the civil population would lose the hard to earn trust, Silfervo created a new office that would be comprised mostly of civilians and was better suited to handle the sensitive relations with the public.   The vast majority of the Pax Venatores troops assimilated into a second new office, with much stricter formations and greater focused of martial tactics and large scale warfare. The core companies of the Pax Venatores where rebranded as the Division of Lawful Correction and kept their original purpose of apprehending criminals and outlaws even outside the organization immediate jurisdiction. The two offices where put under a centralized command that was, and still is, located in Castle Grey.

The Diplomatic Arm

The organization's operations outside of the Free Cities has risen some concerns among foreign nobility, especially in the Vintian Imperium, who were not fond of foreign bounty hunters roaming unannounced through their lands. At first Silfervo dealt with those difficulties himself, but he was in an advanced age and feared his successors would not share the same love he has received in the Vintian political courts. He proposed to create a third office, that would be in charge of the organization's political aspects, but was met with resistance from the top leadership, as the act would greatly diminish the direct influence of the future successor.   After acting on misleading and outdated information, a company under the command of the DLC mistaken a Nullifiers' ambush as their target's company. The two groups clashed and the incident resulted in the death of nearly all members of both sides and the escape of the fugitive mage. The backlash was intense and several officers where discharged. This time, Silfervo approached the Ambassador College directly and recruited several of their most prominent students to stand at the head of the new Office of Diplomatic Affairs. Since the ODA inception every city that wished to join the free cities had to replace their security with the Pacificatores as a requirement, although some cities, like Caeris, chose to replace only their top chain of command and still rely on local guilds for peacekeeping.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572

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