Numidius The Pillar

The Pillar

Disaster / Destruction


With the advice of the Gold Dragon Venadora, the Queen of Vintia, Alexia Von Grieft travels incognito along with her right hand, Bethany Lidori. Accompanying them is Magus Ponder Stibbons.   As Venadora expected, the convoy was attacked by the Vexian Crows who were contracted by the family of the queen's Spellmaster. A fight brakes out but Ponder manages to hold the assassins at bay but something goes awry and an explosion occurs.   Forces that were sent to retrieve the queen reported seeing a pillar of blue light, nearly 6 km wide, shooting from the ground into the night sky. They find the three passengers completely deaf, but otherwise alive and well, inside a 50 feet deep crater.   Two nearby towns were flatten completely by flying trees and debris with a death toll of almost 500 and many more injured.

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