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A king or queen is typically the highest-ranking monarch in a realm or kingdom, ruling over their subjects with absolute authority. The titles of king and queen is often hereditary, passing from parent to offspring or to another chosen heir. These titles are typically earned originally through feats of strength, political maneuvers, cultural shifts or other significant achievements.


king and queens are often viewed as the embodiment of their realm, representing core values and traditions of their people. They may be seen as a symbols of strength and unity, inspiring loyalty and devotion among his subjects. As rulers, the king or queen are responsible for maintaining the law and order, defending their realm from external threats, and managing the affairs of state.


Overall, the title of king or queen carries great weight and responsibility, and is often associated with power, honor, and a deep connection to the land and to its people. To ensure these individuals perform to the best of the realm's favor and benefit, they are also ofte surrounded by a court of advisers, including nobles, clergy, and military experts, who help them govern during their reign.


The king and queen are often the closest to the realms coffers and treasuries, and in most cases also wield the nessaery power to use said wealth with little to no scrutiny when compared to elected leaders. While such power often leads to corruption if left unchecked, most monarchs also have a council or a parlieament to keep ensure they not fullfiling their needs above all else.   Like most other high ranking monarchs and nobles, kings and queens are usually served by a retinue or several of knights and other warriors, who are bound by honor or code to protect them and their realm.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
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Feudal / Noble
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