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Sovereign of Ader

The Sovereign of Ader, formally The Glorious Luminescence That Guides Our Path (in gloria est luminescence iter nostrum informat), is the monarch of the Kingdom of Ader.


Prior to the Great Kadian Split, the sovereign of Ader was exclusively male, and as such there was no practical difference between the word "sovereign" and "king". With the coronation of Isolda Artzmit and the establishment of the Andoriani dynasty, the title became gender neutral.   When a sovereign is coronated, they are also given a regnal name to rule by; this tradition was set by Grandeur Andoriani, who was born as Melora. Though Grandeur was inherited by Kairoz II, as an ascendant he wasn't given such a name; his descentants however, Agael and Szaphir, were renamed as Epitome and Auspice, respectively.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
Nobility, Hereditary
Form of Address
Their Radiance;
Their Highness, Their Excellency (both defunct)
Alternative Naming
Queen of Ader, King of Ader
Length of Term
Life time or until abdicated;
Before lions fell, until they become Emperor.
Current Holders
Reports directly to
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