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The Great Kadian Split

The Great Kadian Split was a multi-national conflict that erupted in the 5th of First Dawn 1205 following the Cautrizing of Northriver; not all theaters of war were resolved, most notably the Kavir civil war. In Lake Kadia and the Kaviri Highlands, the conflict is also known as Lions' Fall, where it is regarded in the past participle form, e.g. instead of saying "during the war" one would say "when lions fell".   Most historians see the fall of House Malion in Navara as the first major event in the schism; this usurpation quickly escalated into a semi-continental war, that marks the disbandment of the Second Empire of Ader and the Kingdom of Kavir. While the first act was motivated by religious zeal, motivations for joining the conflict varied greatly between factions, with the overwhelming majority of them fighting to gain independence from the newly formed Kadian Dominion and the religious extremism associated with it.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572

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