1240's Krath War for Independence

The Krath War for Independence was a military conflict between the (former) archduchy of Krath and the kingdom of Ader. Beginning with a local war for independence, it quickly devolved into a proxy war between the Free Cities and the Kadian Dominion.

The Conflict


In 1242 Krath declared itself a republic after an alliance struck with the Free Cities who recognized its right for independence. This allowed for Krath to deploy the entirity of its land forces in the narrow valley between the Green Crest and the Gold Coast, totaling at over 30,000 soldiers. The threat of thousands of enemy soldiers sacking the countryside and destroying almost every crop in the kingdom forced Isolda Artzmit to send every non essential military unit to hold the border; after an entire ARA battalion was lost in the Plagued Marsh, this border crossing was deemed unnecessary to defend.   The Aderian navy was comprised of ships that weren't equipped for naval warfare, instead only focusing on boarding actions; the crews lacked any combat experience save for the occasional encounter with a pirate ship. In stark contrast the free navy was more than prepared for this form of war: utilizing superior technology, experienced, and outnumbering the Aderian ships almost three to one.


While as a whole the Kadian dominion suffered losses comparable to the free cities, Krath and the coalition that backed it managed to deliver a debilitating blow to the kingdom of Ader; woefully unprepared for a naval conflict against the Free Navy, the entirety of the Aderian navy was destroyed. This made Ader dependent on its sister kingdom for virtually every maritime need, be it trade, transportation, or war.  
III. The kingdom (of Ader) may not build, purchase, hire, lease, or otherwise acquire, any sort of seaborne vessel for any reason without the explicit permission of the FCBD for a period of a century and a half.
— Terms of surrender
This humiliating defeat, with the addition of the demeaning clause mentioned above, eventually led to the reformation of the Aderian Admiralty almost three centuries later, with the construction of Lanorbor Stronghold being done almost completely via the usage of Navaran transport ships.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Included under Conflict
Conflict Type
War, Theatre
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Conditional surrender of the Kingdom of Ader; Diplomatic relations unharmed.


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