Cautrizing of Northriver

The Cauterizing of Northriver , also known as The Culling of Northriver, was the first battle in the War of the Cleric, and considered by many historians as the beggining of the The Great Kadian Split. The battle ultimetly led to a bigger siege that later evolved into the full war. According to the Andorian Church's canon, this was the first task given to Saint Kairoz the Andorian by The Four, who sent him to cleanse Lake Kadia from sin and give mortals a chance to repent for their wicked ways.

The Conflict


Following the murder of Patric Mallion, his father Tobias Malion pressured the Emperor of Ader Rederic Amarell into sending the Aderian Royal Army into the eastern frontier in order to eliminate the Col'bhen Cint'nias and any sympathizers. The emperor sent a considerable force, but the hilly terrain and poor infrastructure rendered it ineffective against the rebels, that employed guerilla tactics and attacked sporadically. As more and more manpower was being poured into the fighting even city guards were sent on patrols, leaving the city of Navara relatively limited in its defenses.
Meanwhile a three year investigation by High Inquisitor of Navara Kairoz Half-Elven culminated in him pursuing a Cult in the area; despite his warnings and mounting amounts of evidence he received no assistance, as most of the Venatores were preoccupied with the capture of Dalagor Shasandoral and the king was hellbent on avenging his murdered family.   In the late evening of the 5th of Mother's Gift, a sudden and unexpected attack on the capital of the Kingdom of Navara caught both The Inquisition and the City Guard by surprise.


Within the first hour, it became clear that no prominent figure was willing to address the battle raging in Northriver; this caused the High Inquisitor of Navara, Kairoz the Enlightened to assume control over the fighting forces of the inquisition and the city guard, issuing a decree of emergency.
Acts of collaboration included, but were not limited to:
  • attempts to break quarantine;
  • refusal to answer any question asked by venators;
  • unauthorized attempts to put out fires;
  • leaving doors locked;
  • failure to prove one is not a collaborator;
The death toll in the first day is estimated to be in the high thousands.


When the culling was done Kairoz found the city gates locked, him and his remaining forces denied entry to the city they had just saved. This act was the catalyst for The Usurpation of Navara and forever changed the geopolitical map of lake Kadia.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Included under Conflict
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
5th of Midspri, 1205 AC
Ending Date
17th of Midspri, 1205 AC
Conflict Result
Pyrrhic victory for the inquisiton



440 Guardsmen
64 Venatores.
1,500 combatants (est.)
1,000 abominations (est.)
17,000 collaborators (est.).


128 dead
73 ████████
1,500 combatants (est.)
3,500 abominations (est.)
16,500 collaborators (est.).


Uprooting the heresy that has taken hold of Northriver, cessation of farther hostile cultist actions against the citizenry.
Cult of The Shard:
Unknown Motives.
Col'ben Cint'nias:
Retreat of the Aderian Royal Army and the Kingdom of Navara from the eastern frontier


  • Settlement - Navara
    The Grand City of Navara sits on the narrowest crossing of the mighty Everrane and Roxmore, it is the only crossing between Roxmore Planes of Castamere, the Golden Hills of Karhaven and the frontier leading to Debye Pass and the Amadel Mountains. Those unique traits have turned the city into the most successful trading hub in the Empire of Ader.


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