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1210's Saltisian War for Independence

The Saltisian War for Independence, also known as the Saltisian War of Attrition in the Kadian Dominion and the Archduchy of Taldir, was a limited war fought between the Kingdom of Saltis and the crumbling Second Empire of Ader from 1210 to 1239.

The Conflict


Following the 1205 War of the Cleric and in the wake of the Kavirian Civil War, the principality of Saltis was vulnerable to raids from roving bands of Wolfmen, who capitalized on the political turmoil and the Saltisian troops taking time to realize that the kingdom of Kavir, and all of its associated diplomatic relations and agreements, are things of the past. Saltisian scouts and outposts reported the advancement of the Army of Osternfel towards the Siege of Navara yet haven't seen them return; this made the Prince of Saltis and his military advisers wrongfully conclude that the siege was ongoing, and they were completely unaware of the march on Ader and the battle of Ammand.   With the principality preparing for war, they dispatched desperate calls for help to Ader; however, when messengers returned, they bore with them grim news: Ammand has fallen. Hoping for the shift in power to be swift, the principality had no choice but hold on its own and wait; however, since The Second Salemizia only ended in 1241, this lasted for three years. Less than a week after they eventually fended off the invaders and ended the conflict with their northern neighbors, the prince of Saltis, Guy D'euponnet, and his countrymen proclaimed Saltis as an independent principality, officially seceding from the empire. In response, the Queen of Ader, Isolda Artzmit, ordered to blockade Saltis, cutting off its trade routes and threatening to sink any merchant ship the Aderian navy encountered.


The Eastern Front
The fighting that took place within the kingdom of Navara, specifically in the eastern frontier (modern day Archduchy of Taldir), was the active of the two fronts; control over the Hildari river was a major objective for both sides, and it eventually housed the deciding battle of the war. While this would be taxing for a standing army, the heterogenous composition of the Navaran Magisterial Corps was ideal for this sort of war, with Navaran houses and their members periodically rotating.
The Western Front
In Ader, the fighting took place around the Kadian divide and its estuary; not as intense as the fighting in the east, many encounters ended without violence, as both nations' naval forces were unfit for true warfare. Instead, this front was arguably more economic than martial, with the prime objective of the Aderian navy being enforcing the naval blockade, and the prime objective of the Saltisian navy being to break through it.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
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Conflict Type
War, Theatre
Start Date
3rd of Mother's Gift, 1210
Ending Date
21st of First Word, 1239
Conflict Result
The recognition of Saltis as an independent kingdom





Prevent the complete dissolution of the Second Empire of Ader.
An official recognition of independnce from the S.F.L.K. and its members.

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